Children's Quizzing

Leader: Sandy Henderson

What is Children's Bible Quizzing?

Children's Bible Quizzing is a Bible study for children ages 6 through 12 (USA grades 1-6). It is important to help children know what the Bible says so they can demonstrate biblical teachings in real life situations. Quizzing also teaches children about God. There are six books in the Children’s Bible Quizzing study series that have been specifically chosen for children to gain an overarching understanding of the chronology and meaning of the Bible. Each Bible study not only helps children understand this chronology, but the people in each lesson come to life as children learn about their humanity and God’s plan to make all things new. While God sometimes uses miracles to achieve His purposes, He often works in relationship with His beloved creation: people. 

The cycle for Children's Quizzing is:

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Joshua/Judges/Ruth 
  • 1 & 2 Samuel 
  • Matthew
  • Acts


The Philosophy and Purpose of Quizzing

The philosophy of Children’s Quizzing is Bible study. It is important to help children know what the Bible says and help them demonstrate biblical teachings in actual life situations. The goal of Children’s Quizzing is for children to know the God of the Bible.

The purpose of Children’s Quizzing Bible study and competition is to help children:

  • Desire to study the Bible.
  • Get acquainted with basic Bible study.
  • Grow in understanding of the overall chronology of the Bible.
  • Learn that God is the central character and Hero of the Bible.
  • Gain increased understanding of God as He is revealed in each study.
  • Understand how people in the Bible interacted with God, and know how people today may do so also.
  • Enjoy quizzing competition.
  • Grow in the ability to reflect Christian attitudes and behaviors during competition.

In Children's Bible Quizzing, each child challenges himself or herself to reach award levels. In this approach, children quiz against a base of knowledge, not each other. The multiple-choice method of competition allows every child to answer every question. This approach makes it possible for every child to score a perfect score.

Is Competition Required?

No. Competition is an optional part of the Children's Bible Quizzing ministry. Each church and each child decide if they want to participate in a series of competition events.

All competitions are to be held in accordance with the “Children’s Quizzing Official Competition Rules and Procedures.”

In Children's Bible Quizzing, children do not compete against each other to determine one winner. Churches compete against each other to determine the top church.

Do All Children of All Ages Participate Together?

At the beginning of the quiz season, children in grades 1 through 6* (USA) may participate in Children’s Quizzing competitions. The quiz season generally follows the school year.

There are two levels of Children’s Bible Quizzing.

RED Level is designed for first through third grade comprehension-level or for children 6 to 8 years old.

BLUE Level is designed for fourth through sixth grade comprehension-level or for children 9 to 12 years old.